Sunday, March 29, 2020


The director Friends of Nature at the reception of Nyero Rock paintings- 2018
While on my nature expeditions around my motherland and country Uganda in 2018, I hit the road Eastward to 'Teso land' that is Kumi district trying to appreciate the beauty in diversity of cultures, getting acquainted with new places, faces and of course meeting my curiosity ego of what is found where, who is found where and what happens the other side of the world beyond my nose.

One of those delicacies that will not skip your menu while in that land are the 'kulu kulus' local name for Turkey or Ssekoko literally meaning big hen in another local dialect. Wondering why appetite took its toll to the forefront is because i had spent ages without tasting kulukulu.

We land in Kumi district at about 1400hrs and Oh my God the reception is a thrill and at the same time an amazement as the local residents who occupy beautiful hut shelters welcome us with ululating sounds that really tickle the ear. that is the other aspect of hospitality that clearly defines the locals of the land.

Looking around for what really reminds me of the almighty God, i am shown Nyero rock paintings a type of rock art that is part of a homogeneous tradition often depicted in red pigment spreading across East, Central and parts of Southern Africa, matching the distribution of the late stone age hunter-gatherer culture. This art is generally attributed to the Batwa (TWA) hunter gatherers who are of Pigmy origin and are today found in EastAfrica in small groups near the Uganda/Rwandan boarder and Eastern congo.

The paintings that describe the way of life of the then inhabitants- Batwa

The red pigment paintings-Nyero
The most eye catching physical features in Kumi district and at Nyero specifically are the rocks which without a doubt led me to think of the name 'Rock City' because almost the entire land is covered with rocks of varying sizes from the stone size to gigantic mountaneous rocks.

Relating with mother nature

A glimpse at the rock city- Nyero, Kumi

One of the crew members taking a run downhill the rock mountain

The above pictures give you a glimpse of the kind of features just mentioned above. That lady friend of mine was literally running down a gigantic rock some good ft off the ground.

A naturally occurring solid mass aggregate of minerals or mineraloid matter is what describes a rock.
While gazing and touch the surfaces of these gigantic features makes you think of none other but the 'Rock of Ages'- Jesus Christ. Nature itself communicates and speaks volumes about its creator.
"And they remembered that God was their rock, and the most high God their redeemer." Psalms 78:35
The psalmist goes ahead to marvel at the wonderful creation and questions himself in the Psalm below;
"I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord, which made the heaven and the earth." Psalms 121:1-2.
Even when the gigantic features presented themselves before the Psalmist as places of shelter and refuge, his only focus and trust was in the creator of the very rocky structures because he Himself is the Rock of ages and our shelter in the time of storm.

My dear reader, you might have been broken down by circumstances say heart breaks, loss of a loved one, suffered an accident, lost a job, lost out on a scholarship opportunity, poverty stricken name it. My heart searching question to you is, Where do you draw your strength from? I implore you to trust and believe in The Rock of Ages- Jesus Christ who has a healing balm as the greatest physician and He will grant you peace that surpasses all understanding, grant you a feature and hope because He has your destiny already defined.

Today is the day of Salvation, May you take Jesus Christ as your personal savior for the end of all things draws near.